Increasing dependence on IT (in both, individual and in group dimensions) calls for increased guarantee that the dependence is well justified and that trust that the system will meet safety, reliability, security, privacy and other expectations is based on evidence rather than on beliefs. The concept of Trust Case refers to the need of providing a complete and explicit justification continuously supporting the trustworthiness of an IT system/infrastructure being used in a given application context.

The Trust-IT project carried out by the Information Assurance Group (IAG) focuses on devising a methodological framework within which a (justified) confidence in the trustworthiness of the IT system or infrastructure being used in a specific application context can be developed and maintained. The framework is built around the concept of the Trust Case (TC) and includes:

  • The TC scenarios defining possible ways of application of trust cases.

  • The TC language defining the syntax, semantics and typical design patterns of trust cases.

  • The TC process defining how trust cases are developed, maintained and used.

  • The TC system defining the environment supporting the TC language and process.


Trust Case Demo:

Example trust case (top level structure of trust case for sample e-health system) is available under the link below. Please use the following login credentials: username - viewer, password - viewer.

Your access rights provide read only access to a Trust Case. By clicking on a given Trust Case element you can view its contents in the lower window. You can also view the files pointed to by Reference elements by cliking on the appropriate element in the lower window).

The trust case will be accessed using Trust Case Toolbox (TCT) Editor. TCT Editor is a Rich Internet Application and enables a Windows-like menu with toolbars, context menus, expandable tree-like structure etc. To learn more about TCT functionality please download User Manual.

Trust-IT case studies:

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